Business Programs

Our business programs are written and developed for keynote programs to businesses and organizations that would like to teach their audience how to increase their sales through word of mouth marketing. Our workshops are designed as a two to four hour interactive approach to learning in a classroom style program. All of our programs can be tailored for individuals who would like to learn more about a particular word of mouth or referral based marketing approach to building their business in an intense one on one program.

Targeted Programs

Targeted programs are the bread and butter of our business. We will write the Targeted program, prepare the audio, visual and printed presentation materials and present the program to the targeted market. Target markets for these programs can include your sales force or other employees, sales prospects, current customers, students, or other targeted demographics. We will work in conjunction with your event planning staff, or we can introduce you to the highly talented staff at RPM Entertainment that will plan your event from start to finish.

Student Programs

Many of our student programs and college programs are offered exclusively through through’s Making It Count program. If you are interested in these programs, please contact me via email directly. We offer a number of other programs written for students in high school, college or vocational programs. Our student programs are typically designed to help students and their parents understand how their actions in school today can effect them in the real world and business environment tomorrow.

High School Programs

Making High School Count

Making High School Count provides first-semester high school freshmen with important information on how to recognize their potential for future success and make the most of their high school experience. This 50-minute, interactive, assembly-style presentation helps students realize the choices they make as early as freshman year can impact their opportunities upon graduation.

Making College Search Count

Making Your College Search Count provides high school juniors with crucial information on how to conduct an effective college search. The program covers every aspect of the college search from visiting schools to the application process. It provides students with a working plan that makes the process of choosing a college more manageable.

Making College and Career Count

Making College & Career Count provides high school seniors with critical information on how to successfully navigate the transition from high school to the college or career of their choice. The program shows students how to: Cultivate the “Winning Characteristics” that colleges and employers look for, Prepare for a successful job interview, Build and protect their personal “brand.”, Network properly in order to maximize future career opportunities and master their individual finances and avoid credit card debt. This program can be specifically tailored for Vocational schools.​

College Programs

Ultimate Money Skills: College Funding

This program provides parents of high school students with the overview they need to begin developing a college financing plan for their student. During this 90 minute program, parents will gain an understanding of how the college financing process works, including… 1. How to plan for and manage college costs. 2. Types of financial aid that are available. 3. An introduction to the FAFSA, its availability and deadline dates. 4. Ideas about where to look for additional information on scholarships and grants. 5. Avoiding scholarship scams.

What the Syllabus Forgot: Networking Skills 101 for Students

Every professor and career center at the college level encourages their students to network to find job opportunities. Unfortunately, they forgot that Networking is a skill that must be taught… and most colleges have left that course off the syllabus. Adding further confusion to the picture is the recent phenomenon of Social Networking, and how it plays into the the prospect of getting a dream job or internship.This program is designed to teach students how to network in the business enviroment. Whether they are freshmen just starting college or seniors on the way out the door, students need to understand and master business networking

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