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College Programs

Ultimate Money Skills: College Funding

This program provides parents of high school students with the overview they need to begin developing a college financing plan for their student. During this 90 minute program, parents will gain an understanding of how the college financing process works, including…

  1. How to plan for and manage college costs.
  2. Types of financial aid that are available.
  3. An introduction to the FAFSA, its availability and deadline dates.
  4. Ideas about where to look for additional information on scholarships and grants.
  5. Avoiding scholarship scams.

What the Syllabus Forgot: Networking Skills 101 for Students

Every professor and career center at the college level encourages their students to network to find job opportunities. Unfortunately, they forgot that Networking is a skill that must be taught… and most colleges have left that course off the syllabus. Adding further confusion to the picture is the recent phenomenon of Social Networking, and how it plays into the the prospect of getting a dream job or internship.This program is designed to teach students how to network in the business enviroment. Whether they are freshmen just starting college or seniors on the way out the door, students need to understand and master business networking

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