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Student Programs

Making High School Count

Making High School Count provides first-semester high school freshmen with important information on how to recognize their potential for future success and make the most of their high school experience. This 50-minute, interactive, assembly-style presentation helps students realize the choices they make as early as freshman year can impact their opportunities upon graduation.

Making College Search Count

Making Your College Search Count provides high school juniors with crucial information on how to conduct an effective college search. The program covers every aspect of the college search from visiting schools to the application process. It provides students with a working plan that makes the process of choosing a college more manageable.

Making College and Career Count

Making College & Career Count provides high school seniors with critical information on how to successfully navigate the transition from high school to the college or career of their choice. The program shows students how to: Cultivate the “Winning Characteristics” that colleges and employers look for, Prepare for a successful job interview, Build and protect their personal “brand.”, Network properly in order to maximize future career opportunities and master their individual finances and avoid credit card debt. This program can be specifically tailored for Vocational schools.

Programs with the Trump logo are offered exclusively through’s Making It Count program

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